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Appearance of the Artificial Intelligence to the spotlight

Appearance of the Artificial Intelligence to the spotlight

Go back a century, or even half a century, who would have thought that we will be making machines which could think and work more efficiently than human beings. If we look back in literature, we can find the roots of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Greek database. However, it wasn’t evolved as AI, yet there was the concept of creating and designing mechanical devices with certain degree of intelligence in them.

The term “Artificial Intelligence was coined by John McCarthy in the first ever conference of Dartmouth, specifically dedicated to this subject in 1956. Development in this specific subject excelled every year from that day, but the first commercial application of AI couldn’t be introduced until first expert shell systems were introduced.

Alan Turin however is considered to be the pioneer of Artificial Intelligence. His Turin Test is famous and still considered as the first big step towards the modern AI we see around us. His test states

“A machine passes the test if a human interrogator tables some questions and after receiving the answers, human cannot conclude if the answers came from a person or a machine”

Although some of the scientists of AI believe that Turin Test is very poor as it only considers the external behavior. On the other side, no scientist can deny the contribution of Turin in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

It is all getting boring right? Let’s talk about some real cool applications of AI. AI is widely exhibited in recent Hollywood movies. Jaoquin Phoenix’s movie “Her” is the perfect exhibition of what people think AI will become in the future. However, there is still a long way to go towards that. Movies like The Terminator, Cyborg, Ex Machina and Wall-E are some of the other movies involving AI.

AI is capturing everything. It has taken the technology by the storm. From a MP3 player to our cars, every machine is getting smarter. Being smarter means more efficient and complicated in nature. AI has brought advancement in a lot of sectors, such as, Medical, Automobile and Manufacturing industries, hence impacting the human beings directly.

We can talk about the positives and fascinating facts about AI all day long, but there are some well accomplished scientists who are also highlighting the negatives of AI as well. Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk have signed an open letter related to the potential dangers of AI and restricting this field to the positives of it and taking it further from a decided point. Stephen Hawking even believes that AI will bring end to the human race.

No matter how you see it, excess of everything is always bad. But we cannot deny the positive aspects of AI and how it can contribute to the betterment of this world. If used correctly and by moving in the right direction, AI can be the one solution to multiple problems.


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