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2 ∞ and beyond

2 ∞ and beyond

The title if wasn’t written in mathematical context, it would have sounded like an inspiring blog. “To infinity and beyond” … doesn’t it sound like a title to the story of someone who is going to explain his struggles and achievements? Well, it sure does. However, it is not even close to it. I am going to state some really fun facts related to mathematics. Fun and Mathematics do not even deserve to be written together. Mathematics is a nightmare to many students, but here are some soft sides of mathematics you have all been missing


We all have seen Life of Pie movie. It was a classic, wasn’t it? but I am sure you were missing a really cool fact about Pie. If we take the two decimal value of Pie, which equals to 3.14 and spell it backwards.

Fibonacci Sequence:

Mathematics is full of series and sequences. Every time I had to do apply Taylor series to an equation, it literally killed me from inside. However, Fibonacci Sequence is a little cool. Fibonacci sequence is 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 and so on. If we add the two preceding numbers, it becomes the next number. May be you already knew it, but did you know sunflower’s spiral shape follows this series?


Even Math Love Pizza:

70% of this earth is covered with water, rest is covered with people who love pizza. You must be shocked to hear that even mathematics love pizza. How? Here is a fun fact, if you have a Pizza with the Radius z, and height a, then its volume becomes

Pi .z . z. a


Let me make you a mathematic superhero in front of your friends. Although it depends on pure luck but guess it you get it right. If your friend asks you out of nowhere, what do you get if you multiply 111111111 x 111111111? Then you can pretend that you are calculating in your head and bang, the answer is 12345678987654321. It works for small numbers as well, like, 1111 x 1111 = 1234321.


Romans failed too:

Romans can proudly say that they did everything. I mean, they conquered the world. They gave a really tough time to Greeks when it came to inventing different theories and hypothesis. They contributed in many ways. We all use roman numbers to represent different points. You know what? Zero cannot be represented in Roman Numbers. It was about time that Romans fail at something.

These are some really fun facts but sadly we cannot use these in our academics, but you already know who to contact when you are having troubles solving your mathematic problems. Online Class Expert is one place that can get your grades high.


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