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Every country in this world has its own legal system. By studying law you will get the knowledge of how the law and order of your country works. In addition to this, it will help you to shape your personality by developing skills of parallel thinking, logical reasoning, and analysis. In short, it will make you earn more money and reputation by making you a skilled professional of law. With increasing social rifts the need for good lawyers to deal with such cases has also increased. Just as people in medicine learn to heal the body similarly those who study law learns to heal the breach in social structure. Therefore being a law professional you will get many alluring career opportunities. But before you are admitted to any reputed law college in the country you need to clear the LSAT exam or Law School Admission Test. The exam includes a keen evaluation of basic skills like reasoning, writing, analytical thinking, and critical reading in the form of an assessment paper specially designed by the experts of the law. So if you are one of those aspirants who want to make a bright career in LAW then you should get yourself ready for the preparations for the LSAT exam. But for those who are searching for an easier alternative to persuading their dream career they can hire someone to get your LSAT test for you. Our experienced professionals are always available to take your LSAT test for you. They will not only help you in getting through your LSAT exam but also fetch you good scores so that you can get to the college of your choice.

Take my online LSAT proctored exam for me

Before you make up your mind about paying someone to take your LSAT test for you let's delve a bit deep into the pattern of the exam. The LSAT exam is an essential part of getting admission to Law schools. It tests the necessary skills required to get success in the first year of college. The test was started in the year 1948 to test whether the student is ready for being a law professional or not. The LSAT exam has two components the primary component i.e. the multiple-choice questions with four sections namely reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, and logical reasoning (2 parts). The secondary part is essay writing which tests the writing skills of the candidate. The MCQ portion is scored portion while the writing is unscored. Still one needs to perform satisfactorily in the writing section to increase their chances of clearing the exam.

LSAT exam has a total of 5 sections 4 MCQ sections and 1 writing part. You will get 35 minutes for completing each section along with a break of 15 minutes after the third section. The MCQ portion is of 2 hours 20 minutes while the whole exam takes roughly 3 hours for a standard test taker. Students need to report at 8.30 A.M during December and January sessions while at 12.30 AM during the June session. So if you are planning to take your LSAT test in the coming year it's high time to start your preparations. Or if you are a busy student who had to juggle many aspects of life along with studies then you can hire our experts to take your online LSAT exam for you.

Components of the LSAT exam.

Before enrolling yourself for the coming LSAT exam you must know about each section of the examination paper in detail.

Logical reasoning

Previously there were two subsections in this portion but after 2021 whole potion is covered in a single part. This section is commonly known as the arguments section as it is intended to test the candidate’s ability to dissect and analyze any argument. It includes around 24-26 questions containing a set of facts and arguments from which the candidate has to draw conclusions, find errors, and parallel reasoning along with the facts that weaken or strengthen the given argument. This section is the most important and deciding part of the paper as it holds 50% weightage on your scorecard.

Reading Comprehension

It contains 4-5 passages of 400-500 words each. There are around 5 -8 questions relating to each comprehension making it a total of 26-28 questions. Passages given are generally related to law, humanities, art, physical sciences, and social sciences. One needs a thorough understanding of the purpose, structure, and viewpoint of the passage before answering these questions. It owes 27% weightage to the candidate’s final scorecard. This portion is anticipated to test the reading and conceptual skills of the candidate.

Analytical reasoning

This section is also known as Logic Games and holds 27% weightage on your scorecard. The questions are in the form of games based on simple logic. Games include grouping, matching, and ordering of elements Candidates have to illustrate conclusions from the game argument and answer the questions accordingly. There are a total of four logical games in this section with 22-24 questions in each. This part is commonly considered as the trickiest part of the paper. But one can definitely improve it with practice. This section checks the analytical reasoning skills of the candidate.

The unscored variable section

This section is known as the variable section or experimental section since the performance in this section is not included in the final score of the candidate. This portion is just for testing the questions for future LSAT exams. These questions are harder than the scorer section. Although this is an unscored part one can always create a good impression on the examiner by solving them correctly.

Scoring in the LSAT exam

The score range of LSAT exams falls between 120 to as high as 180. Your final scorecard will show your final score ranging between 120-180, your percentile and rank as compared to the total candidates appeared in that particular exam, and a score band which is actually your scaled score. The scaled score may be above or below your actual scores. Your scorecard will be sent by examining authorities to your registered email address after 3-4 weeks of the exam. Law school authorities have access to not only your present score but also all the previous LSAT scores taken by you in the tenure of the last 5 years.

Your final eligibility for getting admission to any law college will be decided by the authorities based on the index formula which is a collective outcome of your LSAT score and cumulative GPA. Although the weightage of an LSAT score in getting to your dream college is more than 50% a higher score doesn't guarantee you success unless you have a decent GPA.

How to get registered for the LSAT exam

First, you need to create an account on You will get a user ID and password for subsequent logins. Finally, log in using these credentials to get yourself registered for the current examination session. The login time is between 8.30 am to 6 PM on weekdays for February to September session and 8.30 A.M to 4.45 P.M. (European time) for March to August session. The registration fees include 200$ examination charges and an extra 195$ for registering in CAS (Credential Assembly Services). In case due to any unforeseen reason you are unable to take your test on the chosen date then there is a provision for changing the examination date before the deadline reaches. You need to pay an extra charge of 125$ for changing the exam dates. Alternatively, you can also withdraw your registration for exams in that particular session and then reapply in the next one. If you want to get a refund you need to cancel your registration before the deadline i.e. a night before your examination dates. After that, no refund application will be entertained by the authorities.

Our LSAT exam help services

After understanding the procedure of the LSAT exam you are might wondering how to start your preparations. Begin with choosing the right partner who will help you in your preparations by supporting you with the required guidance and appropriate study material. Honestly speaking you need to dedicate around 3-4 hours daily if you really want to get through this exam. However, with the right guiding partner it will be much easier to prepare. Our experts will help you with their insights in preparing for your approaching LSAT exam. They will divide your syllabus into realistic targets so that you can cover all that is important within the time frame remaining before the exam date. Furthermore, we have a complete series of mock tests to give you a real-time test experience

Our tutors are highly skilled professionals from eminent institutes of the country they will help you with personalizing your study material based on your way of learning. In short, we will provide you with a 24x7 exam LSAT exam help services reading online preparations, mock tests, and study material.

Pay someone to take my online LSAT test for me

However, it is always advisable to take your LSAT test on your own but many students just don't have enough time needed to dedicate to their studies. Maybe they have to work for livelihood or have some family responsibilities under such circumstances you can pay someone to take your online LSAT test for you. Our experts will do that for you with guaranteed success.

Services offered
  • Personalized study material based on your learning and grasping abilities.
  • One on one live coaching for the LSAT exam
  • Student diagnostics to help you understand your strength and weaknesses.
  • Student diagnostics to help you understand your strength and weaknesses.
  • Expert advice by professionals
  • Brainstorming and doubt clearing sessions to sharpen your analytical and reasoning skills
  • Strategy building advice for solving every section of the LSAT test paper.
  • Self-proctored mock tests with exam hall experience.
  • High-quality video lectures and in-person tutoring.
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